The Indie MEGABOOTH is a traveling showcase of passionate creators working together to bring independent games to the forefront of the gaming community and conference goers’ minds. Our mission is to give thoughtful, atypical games exposure to new audiences. Since 2011, we’ve created a network for developers and creative communities to support each other and connect these dev teams with fans, publishers, and platform holders in mutually beneficial partnerships.

With more than 75 titles included in each traditional Indie MEGABOOTH showcase, there is literally no way you will leave without finding your new favorite game. Seriously. Since 2011, IMB has featured over 700 indie titles at events around the world. That’s what we call a ‘metric crap-ton’ of games. And not just any games! These selections are quirky, diverse, and genre-bending, among countless other descriptors. Remember Hyper Light Drifter (Heart Machine) and Dead Cells (Motion Twin)? Both of those exhibited with us before becoming top-selling indies that captured hearts and headlines the world over. We feature games you can play on a home console, mobile device, PC, in virtual reality, and probably some platforms you haven’t even heard of before. Games like Below (Capy Games), Night in the Woods (Infinite Fall, Secret Lab), and Sportsfriends (Die Glute Fabrik).


Not to brag, but fans, industry members, and press consistently highlight IMB as a must-see wherever we’re exhibiting. Alumni games like Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Young Horses) and Outlast (Red Barrels) were highlighted as PlayStation 4 console launch exclusives announced on stage at E3 2013, while Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Dennaton Games) has gone on to spawn its own sub-genre. Come to our next showcase so when everyone is raving about their latest new favorite game, you can say you played it way before it was cool.

Want to ask the developer a question? Go ahead! They’re stationed near their game and would love to talk to you. We all would. Fun fact: IMB runs on happiness, sunshine, and rainbows. Next event we’re at, swing by and witness people working together to make the world a better place for play. We’re kind of hard to miss.


Indie MEGABOOTH began with a question: How can indie games get in front of the fans and press at busy trade shows? The answer was simple: Build a bigger booth. So we did. The result was the Indie MEGABOOTH — a collective of 16 indie developers pooling their resources and working together to create a unified presence, out-buy the big guys, and look good doing it.

The MEGABOOTH has expanded and evolved since its official debut at PAX East 2012. Since then, the IMB family has grown to include more than 700 developers (and counting) and multiple showcases per year. IMB may have started as a passion project, but now we’re a full-time operation with staffers working around the world. It’s gotten a little out of hand and doesn’t look like that’ll stop anytime soon. In a good way!

Over the years, the IMB team has built an inclusive global support network for the indie development community. In 2015, IMB founder Kelly Wallick was named chairperson of the esteemed Independent Games Festival, a post she still holds today. Each year at the Game Developers Conference, the IGF celebrates the best indie gaming with a dedicated exhibition space for student-made and indie games, award show and developer-led talks.

The future

What’s next for IMB? Curating more badass showcases, of course. But rather than make you come see us, we want to bring IMB to you! In 2017 we launched the Indie MEGASHOW, a stand-alone traveling event series featuring local artists, game developers, and musicians. So far the MEGASHOW has stopped in Atlanta and Tokyo. We love meeting our fans in person and we want to hit the road again soon, bringing MEGASHOW to more cities across North America. We hope to bring one to your hometown! Hit us up on Twitter (@indiemegabooth) using the #indieMEGASHOW hashtag and let us know where we should set up shop. While you’re at it, for even more from IMB follow us on Instagram and Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter, and join our community on Discord!