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Chromancer is a browser-based, free-to-play trading card game. No download is required to play. It's easy to learn and tough to master. And it's free in the truest sense of the word: you can earn all of the cards by playing the game as a free player.

Chromancer is also the very first adaptive strategy card game. Unlike the vast majority of new TCGs and CCGs, Chromancer eschews the “attack your opponent until his life points are reduced to 0” mechanic. Instead, the game focuses on strategically disabling one's opponent, while simultaneously and constantly adapting to shifting game rules. The game was conceived by a team of card players at the very top of international competition in multiple games, both offline and online, and it was designed above all to be truly innovative and engaging for players.

Beyond gameplay, Chromancer will feature an unrestricted in-game economy that treats copies of cards as persistent virtual goods. They are limited in supply and can be traded to anyone anytime for any in-game commodity/currency. This is exactly as it would be in real life.

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