You’re Still Here? PAX West 2017 is Over… Go Home… Go.


PAX West life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. Our PAX was overflowing with more than 80 games, a room full of kittens, live streams, panels, celebrity guests, and more.  Check out some of our PAX West 2017 highlights below:

Press & Podcast Highlights

GeekWire: Tim Ellis spent the better part of this PAX West weekend in the Indie MEGABOOTH area discovering the latest and greatest indie games that were showcased and we’re proud that so many IMB titles were included in Tim’s favorite indie games round-up piece: PAX West in retrospect: The most exciting and surprising indie games

What’s Good Games: At the 1:12:00 timestamp listen to Andrea Rene of What’s Good Games chat with Kelly Wallick from the show floor about the history of the Indie MEGABOOTH, Kelly’s origin story on breaking into the game industry, trends within the indie dev scene, details about IMB’s stand-alone traveling event series MEGASHOW, and general indie game awesomeness within IMB at PAX West. 

Newest Latest Best with Jeff Cannata:  Podcast extraordinaire and IMB pal, Jeff Cannata, worked his way through the Indie MEGABOOTH (and MINIBOOTH) and recorded a variety of audio interviews that he featured within a series of daily podcasts from the PAX West show floor. You can listen to Jeff speak with some of our IMB developers via the iTunes links below:

Non-Exploding Kitten Room Highlights

Massive thanks to Exploding Kittens and MEOW Cat Rescue for bringing the “Non-Exploding Kitten Room” to the ACT Theatre!

GeekWire: Stressed out at PAX? The Non Exploding Kittens room has a very cute remedy

Bleeding Cool: Beware Of Cuteness Overload; There Are Kittens At PAX This Weekend

Twitch PAX West Live Stage Demos

A dozen Indie MEGABOOTH titles were featured on the Twitch PAX West Stage throughout Day Three of the show. We wanted to give a shoutout to all the fantastic Twitch hosts that joined our developers on stage and thank them for the good work that they do. Keep doing watcha doin’ 😉


THANK YOU TWITCH HOSTS!!! YOU ROCK… Anna Prosser Robinson, Frank Ellerbe, FuturemanGaming, Jon Carnage, Kelly Link, Marcus Grahamand Rachel Quirico.

List alphabetically by game title:

  1. Dunk Lords
  2. Eco
  3. Hot Lava (Kelly Wallick joins the devs from Klei Entertainment on stage)
  4. Lifeless Moon
  6. Mukala
  7. PikuNiku
  8. Runner3
  9. Russian Subway Dogs
  10. The King’s Bird
  11. UFO 50
  12. Way of the Passive Fist

PAX West Panel Recap Fun

Origin Stories II: (D.I.Y. or Die Trying) – Moderated by Ash Sevilla from @NerdAppropriate


Indie MEGABOOTH Overlord Kelly Wallick – along with other badass folks in the games industry – discuss their origin stories on how they got into the biz. Listen to the recording here.

A Celebrity Sighting!

Voice acting power couple Ellen McLain (Portal) and John Lowrie (Team Fortress 2) were signing autographs for their work on Church in the Darkness!

Thank you sponsors <3

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our sponsors. Thanks times infinity to PlayStation, ID@Xbox, Intel, Unreal Engine, Oculus, Tencent Games, Cards Against Humanity, Kickstarter, Alienware, HTC Vive, Exploding Kittens, Coconut Island Games, Jump, and iam8bit!