Zero Sum: The Card Game

by Bad Captain Games

For: tabletop, card

  • Zero Sum: The Card Game
  • A Nishka Black agent defends herself from a TechNet sniper.
  • friend making unit
  • Anacron_Rage
  • NihilismUnit
  • Overcome challenging situations.
  • dawn_assault
  • A TechNet mech fights Nishka soldiers.
  • borers
  • Nishka engineers hack into a TechNet lab.
  • Copy of lost_team
  • BFIG_playtest
  • Templecon_playtest
  • SeraphVsGladiatorMed
  • Zero Sum Game Box

about Bad Captain Games

We're a Boston-based indie studio founded by gamers, writers, artists and designers. Our mission is to create games that allow players to explore new worlds, solve challenging puzzles, and tell diverse stories.

In the year 2328, humanity destroyed the world. Funded by Earth’s most powerful corporations, great ships were built and launched, carrying the remnants of humanity into the stars. Now, a thousand years later, these corporations rule the known galaxy and you, as one of their chosen agents, are tasked with enforcing your corporation’s agenda throughout the galactic frontier. Zero Sum is a competitive strategy card game inviting you to explore the galaxy and exploit your enemies to gain prestige and resources in a dynamic, on-going story campaign.