by Lumenox Games

For: pc, playstation4

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about Lumenox Games

Lumenox Games is an indie game developer currently working on their first title - an artistic teleportation platformer called Aaru's Awakening. We are a team of 8 men and women, with our HQ based in Iceland. Aaru's Awakening has been in development for almost a year and will be released Q1-Q2 this year. Our mission is to make Aaru's Awakening a truly memorable game for everyone, creating an experience unlike others with an unique art style and intuitive gameplay. Our aim as a company, is to keep making original games whilst staying indie.

YamaYama is a whacky party game that anyone can pick up and enjoy. 2-4 players play and compete in various and original mini-games whilst collecting points. Every game mode utilizes the fatsuit ability, that pushes other players out of the way with force. This hilarious and simple game is perfect for the party and fun whenever!