by Darkwind Media and Fully Illustrated

For: pc, mac, xboxone

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about Darkwind Media and Fully Illustrated

We are Darkwind Media and Fully Illustrated. After providing contracting services for over 10 years in the gaming industry, the technically inclined Darkwind Media has joined forces with the Britain based artistic talents of Fully Illustrated to make the dream that is Wulverblade a reality.

120 AD. Rome continues to expand its empire's borders and now they have their eyes set on Britain. Jump into the lives of Caradoc and his siblings as they traverse the beautiful British landscape to fend off the famed and unrelenting 9th legion.

Wulverblade is an old school beat 'em up inspired by classic arcade titles like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage. With an updated art style, responsive combat system, beautiful soundtrack, and a focus on story, Wulverblade looks to both capture and expand upon the magic of the classics.