Wisp in the Vale (Larklamp)

by Lumo Amuzo

For: tabletop, physical

  • lantern wisp color
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about Lumo Amuzo

☞ Founded in 2015, Lumo Amuzo is the indie publishing label of Montreal game maker P. D. Warne
☞ Creator of the Larklamp Game Lantern — a magic lantern game system for playing tabletop games made of shadows
☞ Before Lumo Amuzo, Warne made videogames for fifteen years with Lucas, Double Fine, Hololabs, and Ubisoft studios

Wisp in the Vale is an asymmetrical game of ghostlight path-puzzling for the Larklamp Magic Lantern Game System.

Three players are villagers working together to safely cross a shape-shifting vale haunted by a will-o'-the-wisp. One player plays as the malevolent wisp attempting to ensnare the others along their journey.

Played on a game board made of shadows cast by the Larklamp Game Lantern,
players dynamically transform the shadow paths of the game board in an attempt to circumvent their

☞ 2-4 players
☞ Ages 8+
☞ 20-30 min