Warlords & Sellswords

by NastyDragonGames

For: tabletop, card, physical

about NastyDragonGames

We are a trio of Worcester Polytechnic Institute alumni who are committed to making high quality card and board games. We are nearing the completion of our first game Warlords & Sellswords

An Army building card game for 2-5 players. You take on the role of warlords building armies to impress the King of the realm in hopes of being chosen to lead the King's forces into war. The King has banned direct combat between warlords vying for the position, so you must result to cunning and subterfuge to prevail. Promote your Conscripts into more powerful Soldiers or Wizards, or pay the costs to hire more interesting characters to fight for you. Assassins, Pyromancers, Herbalists, Alchemists, Trolls, Sages, and the powerful Champion are all ready to use their skills and abilities to build your army up and/or tear your competitors' armies down. Equip units with Weapons and armor, attack (covertly) and defend using Scrolls of magic, sacrifice unused units to gain resources, and have some good fun roughing up your friends.