by Razbury Games

For: pc, mac, linux

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about Razbury Games

Razbury Games is the solo indie development project by Dean Razavi. A game design instructor and former attorney, Dean started designing games in the Warcraft II and Starcraft map editors building RPGs with the engine's trigger editor. Razbury Games' first commercial title is Vidar, an RPG puzzle game focused on telling a randomly created, yet still cohesive, narrative. Dean is also working on From Rust, an online co-op card game RPG, and runs an RPG Maker tutorial blog called "The Iron Shoe."

In the middle of a blizzard, a community's remaining citizens are forced to confront their impending deaths. Every night, a villager is killed, and the survivors are forced to alter their course in response. Each has heavily interdependent relationships with the others, and when one person dies, everyone else’s stories change. Because the order of deaths is random, the story and quests you receive will be different every time you play. Chart a path through always-changing, challenging environmental puzzles, and explore the stories and grief of these townsfolk before Vidar is lost forever.