by Finite Reflection Studios

For: pc, mac

  • Character Select
  • Street Crossing
  • Combat
  • Dialogue
  • Boss Fight

about Finite Reflection Studios

Finite Reflection is an independent game studio based in Atlanta Georgia, that was founded in May of 2017 by Kartik Kini, Eric Cook, Zachary Woomer, and Garrett Stache. The intrepid quartet met in January of 2016 when they totally crushed the Global Game Jam at SCAD Atlanta, winning "Best in the State of Georgia". They thought that was pretty fun, so they just kept hanging out, and eventually formed a studio that reflected their interests and sensibilities.

TwinCop is an action-packed couch co-op where you and a friend play as ONE cop. Make or break friendships as you walk together, shoot together, and even talk together as you blast bad guys through the mean streets of the Twin Cities. Each player picks one of 8 unique characters, each with their own special ability... mix and match the characters to explore new ways to play!