Twelve Minutes

by Luis Antonio

For: pc, mac

  • TwelveMinutes_Bathroom
  • TwelveMinutes_Camera
  • TwelveMinutes_Bedroom
  • TwelveMinutes_Kitchen

about Luis Antonio

Born in Portugal, moved to London to work at Rockstar Games as an Environment and Character artist and later moved to Canada to work at Ubisoft as Lead Artist and eventually Art Director.
Unfulfilled by the current state of the mainstream video games industry, Luis joined Jonathan Blow to work on “The Witness”.
Inspired by the indie community and the talent around, he decided to learn how to program and create the project he had been dreaming for over 6 years.
This project is called TWELVE MINUTES and its currently at a prototype stage.
This will be the first time that the game is presented to the public.

An adventure game about a man trapped in a time loop.

TWELVE MINUTES is a top down adventure game in real-time. You are doomed to live the same twelve minutes inside your apartment, unless you use your knowledge of what is going to happen, to change the outcome, and break the loop.