Treachery in Beat down City

by Nuchallenger

For: pc, mac, linux, playstation4, vita

  • Player_Lisa
  • Lisa_grabpunch
  • Player_Brad
  • Brad_suplex
  • Player_Bruce
  • Bruce_Plexuspunch
  • Brad_Uppercut
  • Brad_punchyang
  • Bruce_stunned
  • Enemy_John
  • Brad_MissPunch
  • Bruce_trips
  • Enemy_Heather
  • Lisa_Scratched
  • Enemy_GeneZ
  • Lisa_Punch
  • Enemy_bigabbey
  • Lisa_Kicked
  • Enemy_Rhonda
  • Lisa_hurtbypunch
  • Enemy_JaneLi
  • 96b6907edfd777b19e9e9f5a44516f14_large
  • 0432671a79652a564972d5cca6b25db6_large
  • ninjacs

about Nuchallenger

Nuchallenger is a games company born out of the strife that is living in New York City for 30+ years, and our games reflect that.

Set in a near future, in the city of East Fulton, aka Beatdown City, the US President Barak Orama is kidnapped by Ninja Dragon Terrorists.

The mayor Mike Moneybags won't let the city police investigate, so the police chief Antonio Santiago calls on three unique fighters, Lisa Santiago, Bruce Maxwell and Brad "The Bull Killer" Steele, to rescue the president.

Treachery in Beatdown City is a tactical brawler - a mix of side scrolling beat-em-up action with snappy COMBO menu based attacking using loads of awesome moves to create a fighting system unlike any other.

Fight through dozens of thugs, grunts, grapplers, punks, ninjas, terrorists, cyborgs and more, all with their own fighting styles and varying tactics to get the president back alive.