by Flashbulb Games

For: pc

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about Flashbulb Games

Flashbulb is a Copenhagen-based indie studio creating video games that ignite the creative spark in everyone.

Based in the heart of Copenhagen, the studio was founded in April 2016, and is currently working on the off-road engineering game 'Trailmakers'. The founders were previously behind the Press Play studio, which they sold to Microsoft in 2012. Flashbulb employs 20 game developers, 10 of which are veterans from the Press Play.

In the toughest motoring expedition in the universe, you and your friends will build your own vehicles to cross a dangerous wasteland. Explore, crash horribly, use your wits to build a better rig, and get as far as you can with whatever spare parts you find on your way. Trailmakers is about building very awesome vehicles and machines, but you don’t need an engineering degree to get started. The intuitive builder will get you going in no time. Everything you build is made from physical building blocks. Each block has unique features like shape, weight and functionality. They can be broken off, refitted and used to build something new. Individually the blocks are fairly simple, but combined the possibilities are endless.