Trace Vector

by Vexel Games

For: pc, mac, linux

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about Vexel Games

Vexel Games is a small two person team currently working on the game Trace Vector for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Our goal is to make really interesting and well done games we like to play!

Trace Vector is a high speed action arcade game with puzzle elements. Featuring a modern take on vector style graphics, Trace Vector plays like an easy to learn, hard to master, game of the golden age of the 80′s video arcades. Race your space ship through each geometric level grabbing extra fuel cells along the way. Reach a viable goal to shatter the networks' hold on your ship and increase your speed. Simple controls keep you focused on navigating the increasingly complex webs at ever increasing speeds. Collect fuel cells and warp time to assist in the precision maneuvering needed to ace a level! Warping time quickly exhausts precious fuel. If you deplete your fuel and crash it's game over.