Tower of Guns

by Terrible Posture Games

For: pc

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about Terrible Posture Games

Terrible Posture Games is essentially just a guy named Joe. He worked in the triple-A games industry for a nearly a decade before he decided no one else was going to make the crazy games he wanted to make. His brother Mike steps in to help out with music and the occasional sound effect and Joe's wife might as well be a producer, since she makes sure Joe's not wasting development time on things no one will ever care about.

Tower of Guns is a ╩║Lunch-Break First-Person Shooter╩║, a fast paced randomized death gauntlet for the twitch gamer... designed to be beaten in under an hour...IF you're going to win. The random levels, loot, enemies, bosses, and items make each play through feel fresh, so pick a gun, pick a perk, and good luck!