Titan Souls

by Acidnerve

For: pc, mac, linux, playstation4, vita

  • Titan Souls - Screen 1
  • Titan Souls - Screen 2
  • Titan Souls - Screen 3
  • Titan Souls - Screen 4
  • Titan Souls - Screen 5

about Acidnerve

We are a three man team split between the UK and Australia. We formed for a Ludum Dare, and sort of just haven't stopped working on our jam game since.

Armed with a single, indestructible arrow, Titan Souls drops you into the midst of a desolate world you have no knowledge of. Exploration will reveal the hiding places of the Titans that reside here, and it’supt to you to take them down.
The game revolves entirely around boss encounters with these Titans. Your character has 1 HP, all the Titans also have only 1 HP, so rather than chipping away at health bars you simply have to find the weakness of your foe and execute them with skill an accuracy, easy, right? Not quite... Titan Souls is a punishing and difficult game, with each fight being on a knifes edge, one slip up and you will die (and die, and die again).