Therian Saga

by Virtys

For: pc

  • 00-The Adventure Begin
  • 12-Exploring the city
  • 16-Building my workshop
  • 18-Exploring Garrun'gol with the team
  • 19-A fight with the gagkuls
  • 23-Now that a big map to explore
  • 31-Looking at my friend
  • 33-Login

about Virtys

Virtys is an independent game studio based in Canada and founded by a core team of 6 passionate RPG super-fans. Drawing upon their over 15 years of experience, the team has worked over the past 5 years to bring its vision of building a robust and smart RPG game to life, while creating an exceptionally active player community. The result of this effort is Therian Saga, which was first released in French in the summer of 2013. Now, the Therian Saga adventure is available to English-speaking players! Virtys is located in Québec City and is currently collaborating with other indie studios to continually support and grow the indie community in Canada.

Therian Saga is an open world sandbox-style role playing game for the PC in which players explore the rich and elaborate world of Myriaden, progress through a compelling storyline, all while navigating an entertaining and complex crafting system. After customizing your character, you can begin exploring a vast continent with each new area providing a piece of epic story that occurred 700 years before your character’s time. From the city of Hawkoria, to the tower of Serwins and the Forest of Orogoi, you search for new resources, collect items and recruit new companions. With no scripted end, players control their own destiny and write their own stories all while interacting and collaborating with a welcoming community of loyal players in this free-to-play indie game.