The Shadow Over Westminster

by Counter Clockwork Games

For: tabletop, physical

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about Counter Clockwork Games

Counter Clockwork Games

A darkness is falling across the city of London. Chanting cultists, terrifying creatures, and mysterious figures are all harbingers of the end of the world, and only the members of the Agency can stop it! Work together to develop investigative techniques and unlock ancient artifacts as you build your Agent's deck in the quest to reveal the Cataclysm in time to put an end to it. Will you face the Ancient One that sleeps deep beneath the ocean's surface, a hive mind that is taking control of human hosts, or perhaps a war between angels and demons that is spilling over into the earthly plane? You might even discover that one of your own Agents has betrayed you and is working against the rest of the team, trying to bring about the end of the world for their own dark purpose...

With 16 different Cataclysm scenarios and 8 Agents with their own abilities and tactics, you will experience truly interactive game play and a rising tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, will you have what it takes to face The Shadow Over Westminster?