The Moonlighters

by Rad Dragon

For: pc, mac, linux

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about Rad Dragon

We think that it’s great to make games that innovate new ways of storytelling and redefine what the medium can do. We also think it’s great to make games that are punchy, hilarious, and fun. We think those two goals can go hand in hand, and we’ve set out to prove it by becoming a two-headed dragon that breathes videogames. One head can discuss formal design theory, and the other wears sunglasses. One head reads stories, and the other pushes all the buttons. Together, they have like a million hit points and make games with a chance of dealing critical happiness.

The Moonlighters is a heist adventure game about entertainers from the glamorous 1950s who settle the score when rock & roll puts them out of a job. You control the team as they work together to pull each job, cutting back and forth between the planning and the action just like a heist movie. It’s kind of like being in Ocean’s Eleven, if it played a bit like Monkey Island and Zelda.