The Metronomicon

by Puuba

For: pc, mac, xboxone, playstation4

  • screen1
  • Goblin Tankin'
  • Moley moley mole man.
  • Go team go!
  • The monsters cometh!

about Puuba

Puuba is a small dev team out of Encino, California, working from a number of bedrooms, basements, and caves.

Led by Danny Garfield, Puuba has released three video games in the last three years, all bizarre, mashy-uppy, experimental weirds.
Trying new ideas and testing new gameplay styles, cobbling our favorite pieces of different genres into one seamless whole has been the passion of our games thus far.

Plus! We get to make the things we want to play!

The Metronomicon, is a high-speed, frantic, musical Rhythm RPG.

Mysterious raves are crashing down around the world of Koras, bringing dance-mongering monsters wherever they go.
Only the four most recent graduates of The Neon Shield, a rhythm combat academy, can harness the power released by dancing to fuel their musical combat.
Featuring party building, leveling up, gear, and over fifty songs by some major artists. Fast, fluid, and deeply strategic, The Metronomicon is what happens when a proper role playing game and a dance pad nightmare have a beautiful baby.

Because what if fireballs knew dubstep..?