The Depths of Durangrar

by Creative Cove Games

For: tabletop

  • Gen6 Player View Dark
  • Gen6 NV view top
  • Maze in the light
  • Monster close up 2
  • Monster Close up
  • Monster View
  • DSC05114
  • DSC05116
  • Explorer Overview

about Creative Cove Games

Creative Cove Games is dedicated to creating innovative and immersive games to spark the imagination of players of all ages to enjoy. We love how games are able to bring family and friends together to have fun, laugh and create happy and enjoyable memories. We hope that our games bring you as much joy as the ones we have played.

The Depths of Durangrar is a dungeon crawler board game that is played in the dark. Individual explorer players navigate through a 3D maze. Their individual character pieces light up to illuminate small sections of the labyrinth. Their goal is to find treasure in the maze. The catch is that there is one other player, a monster player, whose goal is to hunt down all the other players. This player is wearing night vision goggles and his or her piece does not light up. Instead, they are cloaked in darkness, setting up traps and waiting to ambush the explorers.