That Dragon, Cancer

by Ryan Green and Josh Larson

For: pc, mac, linux, ouya

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about Ryan Green and Josh Larson

We are two developer creatives who share the same vision for videogames. Our approach recognizes that there are challenges in life which can’t be fixed by mastering a skill or a steady trigger finger and that meaning is often found in the journey along the way. Since our project began, we've added 3 amazing people to our team: sound and music composer Jon Hillman, character and lighting artist Ryan Cousins, and experienced software developer and manager Mike Perrotto. We are thrilled to have such talent, and we'll all be at PAX Prime together!

A videogame developer's love letter to his son; an immersive adventure game to inspire love for others; a memorial for hundreds fighting cancer. That Dragon, Cancer is a poetic and playful interactive retelling of Joel Green’s 4-year fight against cancer, and an autobiographical memoir of how parents Ryan and Amy discovered hope in the face of death.