by The Amiable

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about The Amiable

A Chicago based independent game studio aimed at reinventing what it means to sit down and play games among friends and strangers alike. With our combined powers in break dancing, fashion design, acoustic guitar, and pole vaulting we banded together to make video games. We use multiplayer games as a tool for making personal connections, growing communities, and to bring the virtual closer to reality.

Four mighty golems with only their life-force as a weapon stand against a swarm of alien robo-bugs. Every shot of your laser drains your health as you work together to protect the Heartstone, an ancient battery that grants you power. Join forces with your friends in this two to four player, action co-op game.

Strategic Combat
Your lasers drain your life force, but grabbing the Heartstone builds it back up. Organize fire teams, take turns, help a wounded buddy charge up or drop it and go guns ablazing! Be warned, however! The bugs don't just want to get you, they want to smash the Stone!

2 to 4 Player Cooperative Gameplay
Two, three or four players at once can battle the Robobugs to save the Heartstone and their planet. Play it side by side or across the network, or any combination you like best.

Coordinate to Control the Heartstone
Dragging the Heartstone is back-breaking work, so lend your allies a hand. Inertia governs how fast you can move it, and how quickly it slows down. Use it to launch yourself, but don't let it fall into a fissure, or enemy hands!