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Super Rude Bear Resurrection

by Alex Rose

For: pc, mac, linux, xboxone, playstation4

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about Alex Rose

Alex Rose is a serial game jammer from the UK, and creator of Super Rude Bear Resurrection, which is coming to PS4 and Steam in "a couple of months" (will be announced very soon!)

Alex Rose Games is funded by Creative England and Sony Strategic Content.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is an ultra-tight, masocore platformer that anyone can beat! Every time you die, your previous corpses stack up and you can jump on them, push them around and use them as platforms or meatshields. Each death makes the game slightly easier, but it’s possible to beat the whole game without dying at all!

Rude Bear is a gangster bear from East London who’s been summoned back in time to medieval England to defeat his mortal nemesis, The Wizard. Face challenges so lethal, you’ll (probably) need to be resurrected thousands of times to stand any chance of winning, and defeat the fearsome Guardians of each world.