Super Cloudbuilt

by Double Eleven

For: pc, xboxone, playstation4

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about Double Eleven

Double Eleven is an indie publisher and developer based in the North East of England. With previous titles including Goat Simulator, Prison Architect and the PixelJunk series, we specialise in bringing great indie titles to a console audience. Once upon a time we used to be a Sony exclusive studio, and wanting to chart our own course in 2012 we decided to become independent again. We were, and still are, a highly technical studio so we thought rather than just look for work we could instead go out and find games from other studios we liked and bring them to new groups of gamers. We began our publishing business this way.

Super Cloudbuilt is created and developed by Swedish studio Coilworks, in collaboration with Double Eleven. Featuring lightning-fast, action-packed speedrunning gameplay and 34 captivatingly bold handcrafted environments, Super Cloudbuilt appeals to players who value skill, challenge and improvement. Speedrunners will vie for top dog in the rankings and extensive leaderboards, and players can also experience two gameplay modes (Story and Ranked) with a total of 177 challenges between the Time Trial, No Ammo, Fragile, Supercharge, Beacon, and Pathfinder options.

Take on the role of Demi, a young soldier who wakes up in the empty shell of a ruined building, in the center of a strange new world, disconnected from her old life and physical body. Confused and isolated, Demi pushes herself physically and mentally to unravel the mystery surrounding her new reality. Complete incredible feats of free-running and sharp shooting, using Demi’s rocket-powered exo-suit to leap and run through expansive worlds floating above a vast abyss. Demi persists, traversing levels, allowing her to experience multiple endings: will Demi grow to understand and accept her new world, or question her reality and learn to defy it?