Spirit Realms: The Throne Wars

by The Raven & The Widow

For: tabletop, card, physical

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about The Raven & The Widow

The Raven & The Widow is not just a game company but intellectual Property company where we take ideas and produce them with the intent to bring them to market. Spirit Realms Trading Card Game is the first IP we have developed with a new patented playing mechanic. Spirit Realms is a fresh take on the trading card games with a focus on creating armies and attacking forts while protecting your own minions and barriers where the goal is to capture your opponents Throne. We also have other IPs in the works including a comic book and mobile app.

Spirit Realms The Throne Wars is a winner take all, take no prisoners family friendly trading card game. Utilizing a unique game mechanic that uses aspects of chess and traditional AD&D players face off against each other armed with minions that they can use individually or that they can combine into armies and arm with weapons, in an effort to destroy enemy forts and barriers to capture their throne.