by Fenix Fire

For: pc, xboxone, playstation4

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  • WhiteWorld_Life
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  • DarkWorld_Whales
  • DarkWorld_Explore
  • DarkWorld_Eels
  • WhiteWorld_Pollinate
  • DarkWorld_Intro
  • DarkWorld_SpiderBoss
  • DarkWorld_Vortex
  • DarkWorld_Web
  • WhiteWorld_Key
  • WhiteWorld_Destruction

about Fenix Fire

Fenix Fire is an independent game studio founded by husband-wife team Brian and Anna McRae; two ex AAA console developers who rose up from insurmountable odds in order to craft the kinds of worlds that they've always wanted to explore.

Source is an adventure unlike anything you've ever seen. Existing in an alternate dimension, you control a butterfly with the unique power to give and receive energy to every living creature throughout its bio luminescent world. However, this world is being devoured by a sinister and relentless dark energy that is literally ripping everything apart. It is up to you, the last of your kind, to stop the terrible threat of non existence.

Playing out as a true metroidvania, you will face many mind bending puzzles, explore new lands, and face powerful creatures while constantly putting yourself at risk for the good of the world. You must learn how you to gather, harness, and unleash your energy to stop the threat of eternal darkness. You will need to find where this “Source” is coming from in hope of ever restoring balance and peace to all living things. Being developed for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.