by Righteous Hammer Games

For: pc, mac, ios

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about Righteous Hammer Games

Two guys, a garage, and the freshest new indie game studio on the block! Righteous Hammer was started by Clint Jorgenson and Joe Van Zeipel in 2015 in Vancouver, Canada with one simple mission: to chip away at the gaming status quo and produce something brand new, built straight from the heart.

At Righteous Hammer, we love games—in fact, we’re maybe a bit obsessive about them—so we’ve made it our business to make new ones. Different ones. GOOD ones. After a combined 20 years of experience working on AAA titles, we wanted to try something new. We’re proud to introduce our first game—Solitairica, now available on Steam and the App Store! It’s the kind of game we’d love to play, and we hope you will too.

Solitairica takes RPG combat and challenging roguelike progression to a fresh new place—the world of solitaire! Using a variety of magical items and powerful spells, battle your way through a horde of ever-changing enemies and defeat the horrible Emperor Stuck.