Snyxtrap (Larklamp)

by Lumo Amuzo

For: tabletop, physical

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about Lumo Amuzo

☞ Founded in 2015, Lumo Amuzo is the indie publishing label of Montreal game maker P. D. Warne
☞ Creator of the Larklamp Game Lantern — a magic lantern game system for playing tabletop games made of shadows
☞ Before Lumo Amuzo, Warne made videogames for fifteen years with Lucas, Double Fine, Hololabs, and Ubisoft studios

Snyxtrap is the first release for the Larklamp Game Lantern — a magic lantern game system.

Snyx are mischievous faerie from the etherial realm of the Shadowfay, and one has gotten loose inside your home! Maneuvering on a board cast entirely of shadow and light, play your hand of magical lures and traps against the other snyx hunters to be the first to capture the pesky snyx.

☞ All-ages (5+)
☞ 2-4 players
☞ 10-20 minutes