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Signal Decay

by Nela System

For: pc, mac

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about Nela System

Nela System is an independent game studio located in New York founded by Zack Zhang, an alumnus of NYU Game Center. Nela System is committed to creating gameplay that enables players to tell their own stories.

Currently working on Signal Decay, a unique cooperative rogue-like stealth action game set in a future dystopia.

Signal Decay (formerly known as Squad Of Saviors) is a rogue-lite action game set in a future dystopia with unique cooperative stealth gameplay. As the only human beings to have escaped the global manipulation of mind-control technology, you are called upon by a mysterious computer to save the world.

Signal Decay is about player communication and coordination. It is where XCOM meets Monaco — combining the experience of coordinating XCOM operators with interactions of Monaco. Players infiltrate military bases with reactive defense systems. Each action has an instant effect and longer consequences, and a strategic decision is a balance of risk and benefit. Coordination is always the most important factor for a successful mission, and trust is the antidote to the ever-escalating pressure.

The players’ goal is to pilot an invisible airship, find and destroy all the mind-control machines in a dynamic world before the other side is totally aware. During the operation, players may unlock new weapons and equipment. Combining them wisely is the key to survival in the hostile world.