Shadowrun Online

by Cliffhanger Productions Games

For: pc, mac, linux, ios, android, web

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about Cliffhanger Productions Games

Cliffhanger Productions Games has been fighting the fight for good games regardless of platform or business model since 2010. Founded by games industry veterans from companies such as Blizzard, Rovio, Crytek, Ubisoft and Vivendi, we strive to create core gamer games that are accessible yet deep. Our fist cross-platform title AErena has made top rankings on iOS and Android, yet also received an average review rating of 4 of 5 from games press and players on Steam alike. Our next title, Shadowrun Online was one of the top backed European kickstarters of all time and has been released s Steam Early Access.

Fight with your fingers. Win with your brain!
We believe there is more to games than defending or attacking towers and matching colored stones. We want games to be challenging again like way back, when being a gamer meant something. Our games make you think, they make you sweat and above all, they are damn good fun.

Skill knows no limits. Why should you?
Our games tear down the borders between platforms in the name of gaming! If you are truly a gamer, you won’t let a device limit the games you play. We excel at games that have substance and depth: tactics, strategy, role-playing – games that need skill no matter which screen you are playing on.

We create worlds! And keep them running!
Our Massive Dynamic Architecture allows us to create online worlds for thousands of players across devices seamlessly. We have built our technology from the ground up to power massive online games across all platforms and provide gamers with great games no matter what device they play on. Because there can be no compromise when it comes to quality.

Enter the world of Shadowrun: Online and play one of the greatest Pen and Paper RPGs on Steam. In a dystopian 2075s of our world where magic meets technologym, you team up with your friends to fight sinister corporations, menacing gangs and a new deadly virus in this tactical turn-based combat RPG.