by Glitchnap

For: ios

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about Glitchnap

Glitchnap is a Copenhagen-based band that makes games instead of records. With veins pumping all the way from Norway to Belgium. Glitchnap made their debut in 2014 with LAZA KNITEZ!!, a fast-paced 4-player space-jousting extravaganza, and Try Harder, an infinite running with a persistent world. Glitchnap is a member of the Copenhagen Game Collective, known for their playfulness and rule-breaking game designs and has been touring the world, building installations, exhibiting games, giving talks and facilitating workshops across Europe and the US.

Ever wondered which of your friends could protect you with their eyes closed? Find out in Sentree - a cooperative, physical iOS game for 2 people about keeping a cool head to survive through a dark, unfriendly forest. Working together as the game's hero, your goal is to protect three small forest creatures by fighting off the monsters surrounding you before they get too close.

The two players take on the role of either the "Spotter" or the "Shooter" using two iOS devices (eg. iPad + iPhone) connected wirelessly via Wifi or Bluetooth. The Spotter has a top-down view of the game world/level on an iPad and knows where the hero is aiming and where monsters are coming from. The Shooter controls the hero with the iPhone by spinning around in a circle to rotate, tapping the screen to shoot and shaking the device quickly up and down to reload.

The twist? The Shooter must play blindfolded and relies on the Spotter to guide them with verbal instructions. The mix of verbal and physical mechanics encourage players to develop different communication strategies in a hectic situation while doubling as a great spectator and party game, that quickly devolves into loud shouting and frantic spinning and shooting.