Sarah’s Singularity

by Wandering Monster Studios

For: tabletop, card, physical

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about Wandering Monster Studios

We’re an independent publisher that focuses on games, mainly in the whimsical and fantasy vein. Of course, we’ve been known to wander.

Sarah’s Singularity is a strategic board game where each player is a different version of the same character from alternate futures, making multiple time-trips in an attempt to repair mistakes made in the past.

Meet other time-travelers, collect historical curiosities and recover your lost companions scattered through time. Bring Dinosaurs to modern day conventions and 70s Rock-Stars to Norman England to solve missions and gain points, but beware of Paradox caused by multiple versions of yourself trying to undertake the same missions, since the results can be unpredictable.

Sarah's Singularity has been picked up by local indie publisher Daily Magic Games and will be coming to Kickstarter this October!