San, Ni, Ichi

by Ironmark Games

For: tabletop, card, physical

  • Official box art
  • Attack/Weapon cards
  • Water attack cards
  • Wood attack cards
  • Fire attack cards
  • Official box art

about Ironmark Games

Ironmark Games is a New York based company creating entertainment for everyone. We are a small group of passionate gamers who have decided to try their hand at packing dreams and ideas into small cardboard boxes and sharing them with the world. We are inspired by the games we play and hope to bring new and unique ideas to our community through board and card games, as well as interactive experiences.

San, Ni, Ichi is a quick trick-taking card game for 3-6 players. Players take on the role of martial artists who have mastered combat using three elements: fire, water, and wood. Each game engages players in a thrilling battle to determine who is the ultimate ninja master!