Rogue Process

by Cut Garnet Games

For: pc, mac, linux

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about Cut Garnet Games

Cut Garnet Games is Mike Cook, an indie developer from London in the UK. He's making Rogue Process with the help of artist, animator and all-round genius Marsh Davies. Mike's been making small games for several years now, but Rogue Process is his first major release and collaboration. You can find his earlier games here:

In his day job Mike works as a procedural generation and AI researcher - for his PhD he built an AI that designed games on its own, but now he prefers doing it himself. He fills his games with weird generated content and strange AI systems inspired by his job. You can read more about his research here:

Rogue Process is an action stealth game about typing to hack things. You play a renegade hacker who makes a living smashing corporate security systems, stealing dark secrets and diving from the tops of exploding skyscrapers in slow motion. You can hack almost anything to suit the situation: breaking windows and wiping camera feeds; venting toxic waste to flush out guards or self-destructing a satellite to blow the side off a building. Buy software, sell secrets, take contracts and leave no traces.