by Freejam

For: pc

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about Freejam

After many years working on AAA console games for major publishers such as Sony, Konami and Square, five friends decided enough was enough and quit their secure jobs to step into the unknown and create the game they had always wanted to make: Robocraft.

They named themselves Freejam (they were finally free to jam on their own game ideas) and started working day and night to turn their dream into reality. After three short months they launched a rough and ready first version of the game online with some trepidation. They needn’t have worried - fans swarmed to the game immediately!

Robocraft was called by one reviewer the "illegitimate love-child of Minecraft and World of Tanks", it is true that you craft giant robot vehicles from simple blocks and then blast the living daylights out of your opponents but it is so much more than that and the game-play experience is wholly unique.

Today, Robocraft has over 100,000 daily players and is growing like wildfire but the game is still only an early Alpha version. Why not join the Robocraft community and travel with the Freejamers on their incredible journey?

If Minecraft smashed straight into World of Tanks you'd get Robocraft. BUILD, DRIVE & FIGHT in this Free-To-Play MMO Robot vehicle shooter. Build a robot battle vehicle, add wheels, jets, guns, wings and take it into intense online team battles.