Renowned Explorers: International Society

by Abbey Games

For: pc, mac, linux

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about Abbey Games

Somewhere in 2011, four computer science students decided to team up and create a game studio. Reus was our first move and we started working on it in an old university basement. Fortunately, we quickly moved to the Dutch Game Garden, the center of the Dutch Game Industry in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Once we settled in our new office we started recruiting more monks up to the point where our 3-person office stuffed 8+ people, bent on finishing Reus before finishing our unsponsored bank accounts.

With Reus we tried to add something new to the god-game genre. Our goal is to keep taking calculated risks by renewing gamer-loved genres with a sense of intelligence and artisan quality. One game in, we haven't completely figured ourselves out yet, but you can definitely expect games that feel familiar, smart and fresh.

Events Showcased

In Renowned Explorers you take command of a motley crew and a mighty ship to explore the blank spots on the 19th-century maps. Prepare to encounter everything between reality and myth. Then survive the adventure and return with legendary treasures to rise in prestige. There's no easy way to become the top act on the World Expo. You'll need something new, something legendary, a treasure people have never seen before. And the only way to beat your rival to this treasure, is to find a better crew, a superior map and more powerful allies. Your museum will rise in fame, as you will rise in prestige. Every expedition has new unexplored cities of gold, unrevealed treasures and unencountered exotic civilizations. Be the first to chart these and amaze civilization.

Renowned Explorers is a turn-based RPG inspired by X-COM, Fire Emblem, Indiana Jones, Jules Verne.