by NextGen Pants

For: pc, mac, linux, xboxone, playstation4

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about NextGen Pants

Starting at the end of 2012, what would become the team behind NextGen Pants came together to prototype ideas for games. They worked throughout the greater portion of 2013 on several concepts and eventually created the initial demo of Refactor, their first commercial game.

Every day in the world of Refactor thousands of puzzle pieces are created for the explicit purpose of playing “The Game”. Requiring perfection, only perfect puzzle pieces are selected for use and those who are imperfect are shunned by society and decommissioned. Thrown into this hostile environment, it is up to a couple of misfits to find their place in this unbending society.

Refactor is a physics-based platformer taking elements from classic Metroidvanias. Placed in a world that is a puzzle itself, you can literally turn the world upside down by rearranging the map and building your own pathways through the game. Uncover secrets, acquire new abilities and upgrades, and discover where you fit in the world