Race for the Galaxy

by Temple Gates Games

For: pc, ios, android

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about Temple Gates Games

Temple Gates Games creates award-winning mobile and PC games. We’ve carved our niche in the tabletop space bringing games like Ascension and Race for the Galaxy to digital platforms. Our goal is to deliver your favorite boardgames to your pocket with seamless UX, impeccable performance, and challenging AIs.

Race for the Galaxy is an engine building strategy card game that challenges players to build the most prosperous galactic empire. Players will explore, develop, settle, consume, and produce to create a strategy that will edge their empire up to victory. In games of two to four players, competitors choose phases in secret, resolve them in simultaneous turns, and play cards to build technologies and conquer worlds. Players can join the same multiplayer games across supported platforms PC, Android, and iOS. For a single player experience the Keldon neural networked AI will truly challenge players who ratchet it up to hard mode.