Putty Pals

by Harmonious Games

For: pc, mac, switch

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about Harmonious Games

Harmonious Games is a young and energetic studio dedicated to creating fun, colourful, non-violent games with a sense of humour. Based in Melbourne, Australia, this diverse team mixes serious technical know-how with zany off-the-wall creativity, resulting in a harmonious blend of bright ideas, clever solutions, and highly original products. They debuted with Putty Pals, a cute and quirky couch co-op platformer released on PC and coming soon to the Nintendo Switchâ„¢.

Putty Pals is a colourful, bouncy, and squishy cooperative two-player platform puzzle game, challenging two players to communicate and solve problems together. Players must guide two cute, brightly-coloured balls of putty through three worlds of obstacles and hazards in a vivid, cartoonish environment.

The two characters can cooperate in a variety of ways. They can flatten themselves to form a high-bouncing trampoline, link hands to swing each other through the air, and much more. Colour-coded puzzles mean that both players will need to do their part to get the heroes back home.

Coming to the Nintendo Switchâ„¢ later this year.