by Ker-Chunk Games

For: ios, web

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about Ker-Chunk Games

Ker-Chunk Games creates social, cross-platform gaming experiences that empower women players. Their current product PrinceNapped is a social, level-based puzzle game where players rescue a handsome prince, but also a platform for co-branded experiences.

Social and mobile games have a responsibility to show women as the heroines they already are. We believe by creating great games that reverse gender stereotypes we can empower women players who already dominate mobile to loudly self-identify as gamers - removing the stigma around casual social games and energizing them as advocates for the brands they love.

Not match 3. Not farm sim. Join us as we bring unblock puzzles with character-driven magical adventures - to Facebook and mobile devices! PrinceNapped is currently soft-launched on iOS in Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and Thailand. PrinceNapped is also available on Facebook canvas and Facebook Gameroom in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India, The Philippines, and select European countries.

*Free-to-play, strategic, unblock puzzle gameplay!
*75 innovative levels!
*Collectable amulets to aid in your adventure!
*Join Clara, our heroine, and rescue Prince Edwin
*Play anonymously or login with Facebook to save your progress