Planetoid Pioneers

by Data Realms

For: pc, mac, linux

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about Data Realms

Data Realms is an independent games studio with two dozen team members in ten countries across four continents, all committed not only to delivering solid gameplay entertainment, but to the democratization of game development by inviting players to engage in the development process in a meaningful, creativity-inspiring, and indirectly educational way.

Their first release, Cortex Command, helped pioneer the concept of “Early Access” nearly a decade before it became widely adopted.

Welcome to Planetoid Pioneers, a physics-driven action-adventure heavily inspired by classics such as Blaster Master (‘88), Metroid (‘86), and Exile (‘88). It can be played locally with or against your friends in seamless pick-up-and-play Co-Op and PvP action.

After your space yacht undergoes an irksome Rapid Unplanned Disassembly, you find yourself marooned on a large planetoid outside the orbit of Mars. To overcome this interplanetary Robinson Crusoe scenario, you need to use your Atomizer and Assembler tools to gather local resources and turn them into various vehicles, contraptions, and even backup bodies for yourself and your friends!

Explore, survive, and ultimately build a resource-intensive spacecraft to escape the dangers and mysterious caves of this circular world. Onto the next uncharted Planetoid for a completely different adventure - built by us or anyone in the Contributor Community!