by Sectordub

For: pc, mac

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about Sectordub

Sectordub's goal is to make experimental gameplays and accessible games in collaboration with creative minds. Actually working on Pikuniku, with Remi Forcadell and Calum Bowen. Sectordub has been founded by Arnaud De Bock.

You can’t do much, alone.
Pikuniku is a delightfull dystopian adventure game that takes place in a strange but playful environment.
The player must rebuild a community by helping the Worry people confront their fears.
It’s a therapeutic playground where the player will need to think creatively, bending their perception of reality, in order to stand a chance at uniting the Worry people.
This game is currently in development by Rémi Forcadell, Alan Zucconi and Arnaud De Bock, between Paris and London.With a wonderful Music from Calum Bowen.