by Ice-Pick Lodge

For: pc, mac, linux, xboxone, playstation4

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about Ice-Pick Lodge

Ice-Pick Lodge is a Russian game developer, founded in 2002. They have released four games: Pathologic (2006), The Void, Cargo! The Quest for Gravity, and Knock-Knock. Now the developer has returned to their roots to reimagine Pathologic.

The Ice-Pickers are fascinated by games that not only entertain, but also provide food for thought and encourage players to change for the better. To them, a game as a dialogue between its developers and the players, and a player is a co-author. In their games, challenging mechanics support thought-provoking themes and vivid imagery...

...Or maybe they're just weird.

In an old settlement on the steppe, attempt to survive, investigate and cure a mysterious disease. Absorb yourself in a cast of fascinating characters. Care for the sick while solving the riddle of what's killing them. But in the decaying world of Pathologic, staying alive for long enough might be the biggest challenge of all...

In this genre-defying nightmare from Ice-Pick Lodge, you’ll spend 12 days in a town that’s being crippled by an unfathomable disease — one that defies all medical logic and confounds those who try to resolve it. As a healer sent to find a cure, you’ll also need to navigate the town’s unusual culture and traditions, deal with its ruthless economy, and negotiate with the conflicting families that govern this isolated population.

Pathologic will be released in Q4 2017.