Once Upon a Coma

by Serenity Forge

For: pc, mac

  • Silver Chute Screenshot
  • Coma Screenshot Swinging
  • Coma Screenshot Barber

about Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge's mission is to create meaningful, value-driven games that challenge the way you think. Serenity Forge believes that video games can and will become a great driving force behind art, culture, and education.

Upon waking from a year-long coma, Pete finds himself in the middle of a twisted Cops and Robbers game gone terribly wrong. With the help of your pet bird, slash your way through bizarre enemies, beautiful landscapes, and discover the mystery behind your best friend Lilly's disappearance at the hands of The Sheriff and his gang of thugs.

Once Upon A Coma is an action-adventure game with an emphasis on relaxing, moody exploration and child-like adventure. Learn new thievish abilities to advance to new parts of Pete's strange home-town, and reclaim Pete's old forts and hide-outs from the phantom "officers" of The Sheriff. Meet idiosyncratic friends throughout your journey, and find clues that shed light on Lilly's whereabouts, who exactly "The Sheriff" is, and why Pete's world is not exactly as it seems.