Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out!

by Starcap Games

For: tabletop, card

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about Starcap Games

Starcap Games is a Somerville based independent games studio. We believe that games as a medium have a great potential to affect human experience and create amazing social memories between people. We also really like parties.

Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out! is a fast-paced, screw-your-friends-over party game. You play as a college student with a dorm full of drunken partiers on the night before an extremely important final. The only way to get the partiers out and study is to make the other player's rooms more fun than yours using crazy party Items (like live band, filled keg, and pet rock, to name a few) and messing with the other players using Actions. Players are seldom in a position of winning or losing for very long, and there's plenty of Instant Actions that can be thrown down at any time to change things up. Whoever can get all the partiers out of their room first wins!