NEO Scavenger

by Blue Bottle Games

For: pc, mac, linux, web

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about Blue Bottle Games

Blue Bottle Games makes games for players who enjoyed pen and paper role-playing games and want to have those experiences on the computer. We tailor our games to those who enjoy CRPGs but who dislike being pressured to play with others or at certain times.

NEO Scavenger is a hardcore survival roguelike set in a post-apocalyptic Michigan, with elements of sci-fi and supernatural horror. Players choose skills and flaws before embarking on a mix of sandbox exploration and non-linear plot.

In NEO Scavenger, every detail matters. Every choice has consequences. Brashness is oft-punished, and caution rewarded. Equal parts Fallout 1, Shadowrun, and The Road, NEO Scavenger aims to be a thoughtful and deep game for those who like to savor each turn.