by Metanet Software Inc

For: playstation4

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about Metanet Software Inc

Metanet Software Inc is based in Toronto and is composed of Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns. If you know of us, it's probably because of N. If you don't, it's nice to meet you! We're currently working on N++, which will be the best and final entry in the N series.

N++ is a fast, fluid, and stylish 2D platformer that will test your skill, patience, and appetite for gold. Take control of an acrobatic ninja who must avoid enemies and reach the exit of each level alive. Sounds easy! But it is not.

Thanks to an integrated level-editor (allowing you to share your levels with every other person on the planet), a variety of multiplayer modes including Co-op and Competitive, and over 2000 built-in levels, N++ boasts a near infinite amount of fun.

N++: Tough but fair. But tough.