Mystic Melee

by Serenity Forge

For: pc

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about Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge's mission is to create meaningful, value-driven games that challenge the way you think. Serenity Forge believes that video games can and will become a great driving force behind art, culture, and education.

The world of Mystic Melee brings you a spectacular mix of physics-based platforming and imaginative spells. Master both as you play as four arcane wizards facing the monsters and minions of an evil mage who threatens the universe. Once you're done, take your skills to the arena for fierce local and online multiplayer battles.

Mystic Melee adds to the classic precision-platforming genre by featuring unique elemental spells that reward strategy and skill. Crush, slice, and incinerate your enemies with summoned rock golems, whirling leaf attack, volcanic strikes, and much more. The combination of physics and spells create amazing maneuvering opportunities in the single player campaign, while creating spectacular combo opportunities in the various objective-based competitive multiplayer modes.