Monsters & Monocles

by Retro Dreamer

For: pc, mac, linux

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about Retro Dreamer

Retro Dreamer is a tiny team of 3 independent developers spread out over California. We pride ourselves on making fun, retro-inspired arcade games like the critically acclaimed Velocispider for iOS and Android. After 8 years of focusing on mobile games, we wanted to stretch as a team and make a bigger game for PC and consoles, so we're working on our first game for PC/Mac/Linux: Monsters & Monocles.

A tale of comrades, ballistics, and high tea!

Monsters & Monocles is a Victorian steampunk themed procedural twin-stick shooter for 1-4 players, both online and locally. Arm yourself with powerful weapons like the blunderbuss & crumpet cannon to blast your way through procedurally generated levels filled with the vile hordes of the occult. Your lives are shared between all players which means that reviving fallen comrades and using teamwork is the key to defeating the forces of evil!